What is myroomhero.

myroomhero provides exclusive semester leases in several properties across San Diego/California.

With a strong cooperative network to landlords on our side we are able to help you book your preferred accommodation conveniently and straightforward from your hometown and secure one of the limited and coveted semester leases.

Who can rent with myroomhero

myroomhero accepts all tenants interested in using our service, whether they live in a city, are moving to the city, are students or long-term travellers.

myroomhero started is a service for international students.

Today our platform is used by students, expats, and anyone keen to find and rent their next home entirely online.

How does myromhero work?

myroomhero works in three simple steps:

  1. You search for a space (house or apartment) that is available.
  2. You can reserve a single room or send us directly a Booking Request for the whole housing unit by yourself or as a group. Reservations are just turned into a Booking Request successfully after the whole housing unit is filled. So if you are looking for additional roommates we are pleased to help you.
  3. After the positive feedback regarding your Booking Request you will receive a rental agreement and pay the first months rent and the deposit of the housing unit to us.

What sort of landlords do you work with?

myroomhero was set up to make the process of booking a flat as easy and as secure as possible, and explicitly to combat the problem of scammers. We work with our landlords to set up a trustworthy and protected process. If you discover or have reason to believe that one of our landlords is untrustworthy, please get in touch with us and we will work with you to resolve the situation.

Feel free to let us know via info@myroomhero.com

What does it mean when you say that a room is verified?

Verification means that we have sent our regional manager in San Diego to the property to verify that the features are as described, and to take accurate images of the property.

We take a minimum of 15 images per property and upload as many as possible, so you can be assured that we have sent someone to view the property on your behalf if you see the verified stamp.

I have questions about a room / apartment, can I call the landlord?

We do give out the landlord's contact details for a telefon or skype interview if you wish.

We are also always happy to answer any questions you may have (we know all our places in detail), or reach out to landlords on your behalf.

Feel free to get in touch with our Happiness team at info@myroomhero.com if you have any questions about properties.

Can I view potential new homes in advance?

At myroomhero we want to make the process of finding your next home as seamless and trustworthy as possible, and we believe that the best way to do that is via an entirely online process.

There are only live viewings if the place is not rented couple days before semester starts.

Our policy is to accurately represent verified properties via our regional manager, and to work proactively with landlords to provide accurate and detailed information about the property.

Can I find out about my flatmates before I book or move into a shared flat?

We aim to provide information about the number of flatmates, and whether they are male or female on the listing page.

We cannot give out other information, for example, their names and occupations.

It's also not always possible for us to guarantee information about your roommates since they may be on different schedules, or may not have even moved in or booked a room yet!

What we can commit to is the information we provide on our website is authentic, and that once you make a booking request we will work with the landlord to provide the most accurate information possible about your new place.

Is there a minimum duration of stay?

The minimum duration of stay is 5 month. In some cases, we might rent less than 5 month.

However stays of 12 months or more have a higher acceptance rate by landlords.

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